IMS Caronia

The ship that brought you here. She is currently impaled on a bladed crystal just above the Crash Site



Position Name
Captain John Wilde Murdoch
Surgeon Lorash Saliv
Purser Pajis Murdoch
Master Thomas Iren

Unlicensed Crew

Position Name
Security Romulus
Security Gunner


Energy Reserves

Magical energy is stored near the center of they ship, bound in a layer of interlocking runes, and connected to every system on board.

[||||||||||||||||||||] 100%


The Bridge is a large room amidships that contains controls for most of the ships systems. John and Thomas can usually be found here.

Cargo Hold

This portion of the ship carries a wide variety of supplies useful to adventurers. However, it was near the nose of the craft, which broke off when the ship was speared, and drifted off into the void.


This device can build almost any item, mundane or magical, provided it has a recipe. In flight its used mostly to generate replacement parts, but is now being used to outfit the explorers in the crew. However, it will require residium to produce magical, and the stores were in the Cargo Hold.


This is a small room just behind the bridge, it contains a variety of scrolls which have been linked to the Imperial library. Through magical links, they can call up almost anything in the library, but the runes managing those links have been damaged. There are still a small number of recipes and some other information available, and if the runes were repaired, more would be accessible.

Passenger Hold

This is where you were when the ship crashed. Some of you were part of the security or cargo detail, automatically depetrified when the ship crashed. Others of you were packed next to the tanks holding the depetrification solution when they ruptured soon after the crash.

IMS Caronia

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